Deadly Espresso Cafe @ Pavillion Markets in Eumundi is a prototype of a bigger social enterprise vision.  It is our way of showcasing a social enterprise funded charity whose mission related activities are all social service focussed. At the Deadly Espresso Cafe we get to talk with our patrons about our work as we pull the god shot!















Deadly Espresso was a PAPPA© concept developed to catalyse the start of a much bigger vision. Come and spend some time with us to find out more and join the fevolution!





Survive is the level where you pay the Recommended Retail Price RRP. This level will help to keep us afloat.

Thrive is the level where you add any amount up to $2 to the total of the RRP. This level will help us to thrive.

Man Alive is the level where you add $2 or more to the total of the RRP. This level will help the charity to change the world and can be claimed as a tax deduction.