SevGen connects with Mackay Self-design community

Sharing our Story
Sharing our Story

What a wonderful opportunity to share stories of Self-design’s education slow revolution and SevGen’s education fevolution. We saw many ways where we are on the same path, which for us, offers more evidence of the cry from community for a different way to be educated.

Thank-you to Amber and Debbie for connecting us and SevGen looks forward to the growing connection with Self-Design Mackay and Self-Design in New Zealand when Penny gets settled. Hmmm we thinks a new page titled ‘Connections’ is in order.

SevGen is Getting Investor Ready

SevGen has been enrolled in the Scotia Macleod’s capital raising coaching program.

We now have access to the most valuable information around in a members only area. SevGen will have access to an Invesment Resource Section packed full of the most valuable resources.

SevGen is now part of a cutting edge community of other like minded Business Owners, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs… Creating a host of business, investment and
joint ventures opportunities and possibilities for us.

We also have two one on one consultation sessions speaking with Ken Macleod directly and specifically about SevGen’s investment needs.

This is going to be a very exciting month.