Ready to Operate

On Wednesday 21st of August; the day of a Blue Moon, SevGen planning group met to ensure SevGen is ready to operate. With only a couple of minor steps to action we move confidently to securing our first enterprise customer.

Planning day 21 Aug 2013 Group shot with Naomi


Even more Rapid Developments

SevGen Creator and Director Terri Waller has recently presented the concept to Gympie Regional Council Economic Development Manager Lynne Wilbraham… and how can it get any better than this?

Well timing is everything and the sit down happened just in time for SevGen to put an application in for us to be a candidate for the Centre for Rural Innovation Project.

Outcome of this will be known very soon. So stay tuned…




Rapid Developments

Terri and ErnestoA wonderful opportunity for us to speak with keynote speaker and international mastermind Ernesto Sirolli.

We have been promoted on the Sirolli Institute facebook page. What an honour!

In a nutshell “high callibre Director should look for the highest callibre team to match your intensity. You go for it!”

Result: Unstoppable- er!