SevGen is short for Seven Generations which is an Indigenous way of thinking that says we must consider that our actions and deliberations of today, will affect our people seven generations into the future, whilst drawing on the wisdom of seven generations past.


Thinking about how our grandchildren’s, grandchildren’s grandchildren will be referring to us as their ancestors with a sense of safety and security, makes us more conscious, and conscientious of our actions each and every day.

There is no one size fits all approach in our doing. Click through the website to catch up on what the latest projects are or visit our facebook pages for regular updates! 




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We have a new micro-social-enterprise venture. If you would like to help us establish this micro-agribusiness we will email you updates with photos or check it out on our SevGen facebook page (who isn't using facebook right!)

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Scheduled investing in a grassroots charity. SevGen is spoken of as: *providing practical and realistic strategies to improving economic status and social and emotional well-being of all those are engaged- Julie Rogers (Woppaburra Woman and Cultural Advisor) *community focus and based- Rev Lucille Thompson (Wakka-Kabi Elder and custodian of the traditions of the Wakka Wakka and Kabi people) *innovative & creative- Kevin Cocks (Commissioner Anti Discrimination Commission) *beyond the curve and a true social enterprise- Gavin Brown (Co-CEO PwC) *worthy of support- Gina Pearson (ex CEO BRIC Housing) Check out our facebook pages SevGen and Deadly Espresso to see the unfolding.

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At SevGen we have found ourselves connected with Yapa from the Central Desert. Starting off as an education imperative we soon discovered that what was being sung up here was so much more. Support the Modern Songlines project and be a part of what we call "Protecting Human Permaculture"

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SEVGEN IS DOING EVERYTHING TRADITIONAL ORGANISATIONS ARE DOING BUT WITHOUT THE FUNDING. Servicing the few but tackling the hard stuff head on. Consistently over time SevGen has become a trusted mob: "the real deal"-Stevie B "a true social enterprise"- PWC exec Gavin B "a rare gem" - socialwork Professor Darren DW. We have made a meaningful dent in the Justice, Health, Education and Employment merry-go-round. Our projects: Lift a Drifter; Modern Songlines; HIPSTAs; Deadly Espresso; Salty Tribe; Mow&More and; From SPER to Spurred On will spur you on to supporting this innovative initiative. SevGen is a Registered Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) Charity and your visionary donations are Tax Deductible.

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Our Visionary 3E Model


At the core of it, SevGen is an entrepreneurial concept.  SevGen operates social enterprises to support our community work, all of which embrace a life long learning philosophy. Please explore our pages to read about our ventures.


At our heart SevGen is an Education concept. We believe there is a need to offer a different learning approach. One that holds the space for you to discover your passion and also gives you space to practice mastery of that passion resulting in enjoyable, effortless learning. Our self motivating and organising principles are called PAPPA: Play Autonomously in Passion with Purpose Always ©.  Find out more about ‘SEECCERS’ in our pages.


After being given the space to practise mastery of your passion you will be supported to ignite your passion into cultural and creative entrepreneurial ‘apprenticeships’ and ventures so that you can do your soulful work in your very own social enterprise. Jump on in to see what others have believed in and imagine what you could ignite.

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