Grassroots Giving Circle

Scheduled investing in a grassroots charity. SevGen is spoken of as: *providing practical and realistic strategies to improving economic status and social and emotional well-being of all those are engaged- Julie Rogers (Woppaburra Woman and Cultural Advisor) *community focus and based- Rev Lucille Thompson (Wakka-Kabi Elder and custodian of the traditions of the Wakka Wakka and Kabi people) *innovative & creative- Kevin Cocks (Commissioner Anti Discrimination Commission) *beyond the curve and a true social enterprise- Gavin Brown (Co-CEO PwC) *worthy of support- Gina Pearson (ex CEO BRIC Housing) Check out our facebook pages SevGen; Deadly Espresso; Deadly Espresso on Walkabout; Galeru Forever Fruits; to see the unfolding. Head to our Online shopping site to support by choosing impact shopping products for your next gift.
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About the Campaign

Our goal is to gather a pool of support and to have major funding bodies match supporters dollar for dollar. Every contribution is a positive one!

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