Seven Generations Thinking

SEVGEN IS DOING EVERYTHING TRADITIONAL ORGANISATIONS ARE DOING BUT WITHOUT THE FUNDING. Servicing the few but tackling the hard stuff head on. Consistently over time SevGen has become a trusted mob: "the real deal"-Stevie B * "a true social enterprise"- PWC exec Gavin B * "a rare gem" - social work Professor Darren DW * "the most depth and span of anything I have seen" - Academic Robert F. We have made a meaningful dent in the Justice, Health, Education and Employment merry-go-round. Our projects: HIPSTAs; Lift a Drifter; Modern Songlines; Deadly Espresso; Salty Tribe; Mow&More; From SPER to Spurred On; D-Time Enterprises; Galeru Forever Fruits; Deadly Saltt&Pepper; and MeWe will spur you on to supporting this innovative initiative. SevGen is a Registered Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) Charity and your visionary donations are Tax Deductible. Here's just one facebook post that exemplifies what SevGen is doing...
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About the Campaign


SevGen is Terri Waller, a woman who has such passion and understanding, it is always an honor to be included in her extended beautiful mob. Through SevGen the loving, living, laughing, listening and learning place becomes at one in your heart. If this resonates then please donate or get involved, it’s all here at this link and feel the love knowing you are contributing to caring for one mob, all ages and on all levels.”

Susie Huthison
Serial Entrepreneur & passionate Philanthropist