SEVGEN IS DOING EVERYTHING TRADITIONAL ORGANISATIONS ARE DOING BUT WITHOUT THE FUNDING. Servicing the few but tackling the hard stuff head on. Consistently over time SevGen has become a trusted mob: "the real deal"-Stevie B "a true social enterprise"- PWC exec Gavin B "a rare gem" - socialwork Professor Darren DW. We have made a meaningful dent in the Justice, Health, Education and Employment merry-go-round. Our projects: Lift a Drifter; Modern Songlines; HIPSTAs; Deadly Espresso; Salty Tribe; Mow&More and; From SPER to Spurred On will spur you on to supporting this innovative initiative. SevGen is a Registered Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) Charity and your visionary donations are Tax Deductible.

By barry