Emu Designs

Emu Designs fashion designer Natalie Cunningham has been presented with the opportunity of a lifetime as the first Aboriginal fashion designer to be invited to participate in the prestigious New York Fasion Week to showcase their Spring Summer 2015/16 Spring Summer swimwear collection.Continue Reading

Desert to the Sea

Magical outcomes already making the impact of Modern Songlines soft phase a huge success! As we get deeper and deeper into the unfolding connection the expansive nature of this project is being realised!

Red Leaf Green Leaf Challenge set to begin

Affectionately known as the Most Meaningful Mega Challenge Eva! We are finalising the details of the first event of many to keep lots of energy swirling around in the challenge. On Wednesday 11th February at 3:30pm SevGen will hold a Gathering of Good People to start off the challenge.

Come and make a creative difference to Educational outcomes.