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SevGen is a Deductible Gift Recipient Charity (DGR). All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and will be registered on our donation register! Thank you for your support.
  1. Make a $50 pledge and you will receive a D-Time sample bag. Inside you will get: D-Time 500g Golden Sands fairtrade, organic, carbon neutral coffee beans D-Time pepper grinder D-Time salt grinder D-Time lemon myrtle lipbalm Deadly Espresso coffee voucher Giftcard with Modern Songlines or Big Talks Aboriginal Art design. This pledge is not a tax deductible as you receive goods.

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  2. HIPSTA Batjula has been in the festival industry for over 10 years. He has remained while many came and went. His perseverance has resulted in an opportunity for him to have his own production stage to bring all of those years of experiences together to give underrepresented and emerging talent a platform to debut and perform whenever they are ready. We love this project and that is why SevGen has invested in this project. Please support to help him secure this resource for years to come.
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  3. In June 2021 SevGen developed a visionary proposal to acquire a Bushtucker orchard property. In an intense 6 weeks timeframe (when many. thought this an impossible task) spontaneous, spirited social investors came together to get us across the line. We have 5 years now to reach out again to more spirited people to donate what they can to help us secure this resource for our mission related work. * Toward an Indigenous led Bushtucker Industry * Seed Bank for Regenerative Agriculture * 200 buyers within 200miles for the food miles sustainability challenge * Syntropic Farming for healthful yield * Community Led Development for an healthy community * Extinction Rebellion for early intervention into endangered planet * Justice, Health, Education and Employment Reinvestment for innovative solutions * Futures Thinking for permaculture * Social Enterprise for self determined action * Closing the Gap * Health Claims of Native Fruits, Nuts and Aromatic Superfoods * Soil Food Web * Sharing Culture for you to give what you can so that we can do what we can with what we can muster.

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  4. Scheduled investing in a grassroots charity. SevGen is spoken of as: *providing practical and realistic strategies to improving economic status and social and emotional well-being of all those are engaged- Julie Rogers (Woppaburra Woman and Cultural Advisor) *community focus and based- Rev Lucille Thompson (Wakka-Kabi Elder and custodian of the traditions of the Wakka Wakka and Kabi people) *innovative & creative- Kevin Cocks (Commissioner Anti Discrimination Commission) *beyond the curve and a true social enterprise- Gavin Brown (Co-CEO PwC) *worthy of support- Gina Pearson (ex CEO BRIC Housing) Check out our facebook pages SevGen; Deadly Espresso; Deadly Espresso on Walkabout; Galeru Forever Fruits; to see the unfolding. Head to our Online shopping site to support by choosing impact shopping products for your next gift.

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  5. At SevGen we have found ourselves connected with Yapa from the Central Desert. Starting off as an education imperative we soon discovered that what was being sung up here was so much more. Support the Modern Songlines project and be a part of what we call "Protecting Human Permaculture"

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  6. SEVGEN IS DOING EVERYTHING TRADITIONAL ORGANISATIONS ARE DOING BUT WITHOUT THE FUNDING. Servicing the few but tackling the hard stuff head on. Consistently over time SevGen has become a trusted mob: "the real deal"-Stevie B * "a true social enterprise"- PWC exec Gavin B * "a rare gem" - social work Professor Darren DW * "the most depth and span of anything I have seen" - Academic Robert F. We have made a meaningful dent in the Justice, Health, Education and Employment merry-go-round. Our projects: HIPSTAs; Lift a Drifter; Modern Songlines; Deadly Espresso; Salty Tribe; Mow&More; From SPER to Spurred On; D-Time Enterprises; Galeru Forever Fruits; Deadly Saltt&Pepper; and MeWe will spur you on to supporting this innovative initiative. SevGen is a Registered Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) Charity and your visionary donations are Tax Deductible. Here's just one facebook post that exemplifies what SevGen is doing...

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Workplace giving is a simple and effective way for employees to regularly donate to charities or organisations that are entitled to receive tax deductible donations, such as SevGen. It is another way for employees to support charities. To participate in a workplace giving program, the charity or organisation you wish to donate to, must have deductible gift recipient (DGR) status, which we do!
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Donate your time or skills as a volunteer
As we’ve mentioned, donation does not have to come in the form of money (though money does help!) Below are some of the types of skills we are currently in need of. If you can help, please fill in the form below and we’ll be forever grateful for your assistance!


There are many funding opportunities that we qualify for. We are missing opportunities because this is a time consuming skill that needs to be presented in a particular way. If you have experience or an interest in writing grant or funding submissions there is always a need for assistance here. If you can help please email:


Ongoing (filled by John. If you would like to get experience in Photographic documentary work or film please join John’s team). We think that we have a story worth following and are seeking people who are interested in documentary work. There is a dreaming story being written and we would like to capture it in film also. So if you know any keen film making people please tell them about this project. For more detailed information email:


Hailed as an innovative and positive social impact initiative we believe that SevGen is a very strong candidate for a research project. If you are interested thinking about enrolling in your masters or perhaps even a PHD, SevGen demonstrate consilient futures thinking and would be a wonderful opportunity for an action research project. For more detailed information email:


If your passion is social impact evaluation from both a quantitative and qualitative lens this is your patch. For more detailed information email:

Past Projects We’ve Completed/Funded

BOOMERANG BUS Feb 2015-Jan 2017 DONE

Teacher professional development project that aims to support teachers to embed Indigenous perspectives into their daily classroom practices.

NMX June-Dec 2015 DONE
SevGen is proud to be incubating Nambour Motocross. This is another example of a community response to a social need driven by a passionate member of our Indigenous community. Ms Jones has initiated NMX to provide a legal and safe option for the youth in our community who love riding motorbikes.
Natalie Cunningham of Emu Designs was the first indigenous designer to be invited to showcase her Spring Summer 2015/16 Swimwear Collection at New York Fashion Week September 2015. Natalie has worked so hard to We will continue to fundraise for Natalie and Emu Designs so that Natalie can make the most of her New York experience. Make a tax deductible donation quoting reference CP002ED through SevGen Indigenous Corporation. 100% of your donation will go to this project. Additionally we are helping our collaboration out by running a raffle. The prize is a David Hart print of the iconic Mooloolaba painting valued at $700. To get tickets drop in and see us the Eumundi Markets Banukurlangu Jukurra Creations stall at the Pavilion Markets. Tickets are $2 each, 3 for $5, or 12 for $20.


The Capital Raising program is designed as a 30 day program. Putting pressure on… BUT… pressure builds diamonds. To be a part of the Capital Raising Team email


Being Investor ready is paramount for SevGen to fly. We are working hard to tailor our business plan for targeted investors. This hard skill is not the greatest strength in our team. Some skilled hard heads would really help us get this right. To get involved email


Any ones guess this one!
Stepping into unchartered but extremely exciting waters! We feel that with a proper swing at this one we could bring in enough to sustain us FOREVER! Seriously, crowd funding has such exponential possibility. We have a great hook and are calling out for some seriously bold, brave, brazen believers in the SevGen concept to take it to the world- with a bang. To be a part of this exciting project email

WINTER FRACTAL August 2013 (date claimer Friday 23rd August 2013) DONE

Our seasonal gathering keeps the heart pumping at SevGen. This season we have decided to share a different aspect of the SevGen concept- Ethical Enterprise. This will entail bringing prospective customers together and later a chance to have conversations with the Flow Education (SEECCERs) clients and later still we will have a night of enjoyable, effortless learning. To help organise this email


Preparing SevGen promotional material and crafting the way SevGen is going to be brought to life at the Social Marketplace event. There is no ceiling on the possible ways to have SevGen appeal to the Investors, Explorers, fellow Enterprise exhibitors, Organisers and Sponsors at the Social Marketplace.