D-Time Enterprises and Deadly Espresso were registered as trading names of SevGen Indigenous Corporation in 2016 with the vision of a developing social enterprise activities under the SevGen umbrella.

Deadly Espresso was the first and it took off immediately.

It took us 3 years before we were able to lift our heads and look around again. When we did a bushtucker infused salt and pepper company came into view.

Saltt, fondly known as Deadly Salt & Pepper, was a perfect partner to Deadly Espresso using the products in the cafe and taking our 5 star rating food to another level.

Taking this social enterprise venture on with more business acumen this time and we are ready to take on another one.

When the opportunity to acquire Eliza’s Hand Scrub (a neighbouring stally) came up we jumped at it. Combining the salt from Saltt and the lemon myrtle from our bushtucker garden at the cafe made perfect sense.

Researching and throwing around names for our skin care product range. em terri@sevgen.com.au if you have a good name!

Thanks for staying connected with us.

Team SevGen xxx