Deadly Espresso Cafe located in the Pavillion Markets in Eumundi is the homebase and first step of a bigger social enterprise vision.

The cafe, amongst other community development activities, will be the site of our hospitality training academy.

We have successfully serviced 4 cohorts so far and provided a special site for State Penalty Enforcement Register and Work Development Orders to facilitate clearing fine debt and enabling people to meet their social security payment obligations.

Deadly Espresso Cafe is also the site of our bushtucker garden prototype (yes we have a scaled version in the pipeline) and of course we harvest from the garden and add the produce to our very unique and delicious cafe menu making this an authentic Bushtucker cafe.

Deadly Espresso Cafe invites special interest groups to the verandah to run regular gatherings. Join Knit Me Some Sunshine, Weavers, Conscientious Colouring, Black Coffee Morning and SCNDIG Natural Dyers who have made Deadly Espresso a destination!



Deadly Espresso is a PAPPA¬© concept developed to grow a much bigger vision. Come and spend some time with us to find out more and join the fevolution (fast conscientiousness evolution)!

At SevGen we are always innovating and prototyping new creative concepts.




Survive is the level where you pay the Recommended Retail Price RRP. This level will help to keep us afloat.

Thrive is the level where you add any amount up to $2 to the total of the RRP. This level will help us to thrive.

Man Alive is the level where you add $2 or more to the total of the RRP. This level will help the charity to change the world and can be claimed as a tax deduction.

Deadly Espresso Best cafe Restaurant Guru 2019