I tell this story often because it is a good one.  The flow on from the encounter is creating even more connections.

It was the week before the first SevGen Fractal in October 2012. I decided to go to the rockpools to sit, thank my ancestors, tell the land what I was hoping to create there, and be welcomed or warned off.

I had dropped the kids and my husband off at the turnoff down the road to walk the rest of the way in (just for fun- a leisurely 3km walk).

As I drove into the rockpools carpark I heard a man call out.

“Girly, you have a flat tyre”.

A distinguished looking gentleman appeared at the driver’s window. I thanked him for letting me know.

“Will you be alright to fix it?”

I explained that it would be ok my husband would change the tyre for me. Still seeming concerned he warned,

“No you can’t drive anywhere there is only about 1km in that tyre.”

I further explained that my husband was walking here to the rockpools with my children and that I wouldn’t need to drive anywhere. Happy with that he returned to his spot in the picnic area. A short time later he called again.

“Girly, has your husband got any Umpf?”

Feeling very cared for I told him that he has plenty of umpf and providing we have the right tools in the car he will be fine. I thanked him again and found my rock to do my asking. A little while later…

“Princess, is this your husband?”

I looked and saw my family walking in. I told him that it was and went over to greet the mob and asked my husband to come with me to thank this very kind gentleman. Dave (my husband) met Tim, I spoke with Angela. Pressed for time (Dave was doing a reconnaissance for the mountain walk activity he was leading at the Fractal event) they spoke briefly and my husband excused himself as the reccy walk was a 2hr turnaround trip. When Dave left Tim joined Angela and I and asked what I was doing at the rockpools. Realising that Tim was a man who did not make small talk I summed it up in as fewer words as possible. Saying that basically it was just bringing good people together.

“Come with me.” he said and started walking towards the carpark.

I followed, he went to his car got a business card out of his briefcase and told me to keep in touch with him and pointed to his numberplate. I looked at it- JGP __. OK, I thought to myself his name is Tim soooooo.

He explained “Just Good People. I am starting up a charitable organisation focussing on children”

Well, shut your eye! I’m hearing you I said to the ancestors.

But that’s not all…….

“How are you feeling about next week?” Tim asked

I shared with him that I was actually pretty nervous.

“Don’t be” he said. “If you get nervous over this week call me and I’ll talk you out of it. I was on the phone to Mother Theresa once (now you can feel how amazing this was turning out). I was waiting on the phone for her for 4 hours. When she got on the phone she said ‘Tim you have been waiting a long time, what is it?’. Mother, I need your advice on something. She cut me off saying ‘Tim, don’t worry about that, do you believe in it?’ I said yes and she said ‘Just do it’.”

By this time my whole being was going into a bit of overload. Tim said that he would let me get back to what I was doing. I thanked him again for his kind encouragement and offer of support and returned to my rock knowing that I had been given a sign from above and felt that it was directly from Mother Theresa herself.

But that’s not all…….

The next week at the Fractal one of the young boys came to me and said Terri I have been asked to give these to you…

He handed me two DVDs.

“What the Bleep do we know” and “Mother Theresa”

This story was encouraged to be shared by AB