MEDIA RELEASE: September 11 2012

Join the Education FEvolution

What is an Education FEvolution you may ask?

SevGen founder Terri Waller explains the theory behind the ecological concept of learning.

“Fast Evolution, or FEvolution, is something totally new and different,” Ms Waller said.

“We need this change to help us walk out of Industrial Education and into Flow Education, which is a richer, more enjoyable, effortless style of learning.”

SevGen, short for Seven Generations, is the underpinning principle and thinking behind the ecological concept that expects every human deliberation to consider their impacts for seven generations into the future.

SevGen is a loving, living, laughing, listening and learning place for visionaries who believe there is a different way to be educated or to be ‘grown up’. 

Ms Waller explained that SevGen is being developed by a group of pioneering flow educators. 

“At its most basic, flow is simply a description of people enjoying themselves holistically because they have situated themselves in an optimal environment,” she said.

“Our approach is to hold the space for you to discover your passion and give the space for you to practise mastery of it.”

Intrigued enough to learn more?

The first (pilot) gathering for SevGen will be held from 26-28 October 2012 in the Cooloola / Sunshine Coast Region

The gathering is offered at no expense to visitors but you must register your interest to join. Visitors are asked to bring a plate or a basic cooking ingredient that will be turned into something nourishing to eat.

During the weekend there will be various ‘talk sessions’ and ‘acts of passion’ being offered in a simulated SevGen learning environment.  

In the true spirit of flow education, participants will be able to suggest and deliver alternate topics for other attendees to join in.

“That is the beauty of a reciprocal, relationship and location based model,”said Ms Waller.

“Alongside the fun and laughter, with permission, RAD (reflection, assessment, design) will be carried out by flow educators,” she said.

“RAD identifies the learning that is taking place and offers feedforward to deepen, grow or diversify the learning.”

Captivated enough to want to join the FEvolution? Contact the SevGen founder Terri Waller at or via mobile 0459352525 before 25th October 2012.