It’s almost tax time. Make a tax deductible DONATION before June 30th to reduce your taxable income.

This year your life changing (and sometimes life saving) tax deductible DONATION could equip our visionary care teams with the funds to:

  • provide flights for family based teams to participate in the Modern Songline project,
  • provide skills and knowledge for remote Indigenous youth to take control of their lives,
  • implement urgent action to provide a circuit breaker for distressed behaivours,
  • purchase workshop resources,
  • purchase needed IT equipment,
  • purchase/lease a people mover,
  • purchase art resources,
  • alleviate the pressure of lease payments,
  • purchase evaluation equipment,
  • provide our beneficiaries with life changing experiences,
  • bring first adapters of our innovative model to our “roll the DIEC” seminar,
  • build our balance sheet to purchase a purpose built property to do our transformative social work,
  • share an example of human permaculture.