On the 25th March 2014 three young men and two  young women made the decision to try a different learning space and participate in the Lift a Drifter Excellence Experience  (LADEE) offered by SevGen Indigenous Corporation. Led by Terri Waller the SevGen founder, overseen by a council of elders, contributed to by social work post graduate students, educational and social justice professionals, and talented community members, the SevGen experience connected participants to a network of people who operate from ‘open door’ principles; offering ongoing self-directed access to a wider community resource.

This program provides a variety of options for young people whether on suspension, or feeling disengaged from schooling. High stress levels are often at play fitting in to mainstream schooling regimes. At SevGen the participants can connect with the big picture and Australian Indigenous heritage spanning over 60,000 years (whether Indigenous or not). This inclusive opportunity gives participants the chance to experience a different perspective whilst exploring what they really want to do and be. They relax and take care of themselves and prioritise their relationships, resulting in a flow on effect that ultimately benefits individuals and the wider community.




“I have observed The Lift a Drifter Excellence Experience program fulfil its promise to help students find their purpose, recognise their strengths (intelligence), know their potential, and to motivate them to pursue their goals, despite setbacks. It was inspiring and encouraging witnessing those considered ‘disengaged youth’ enthusiastically practicing new skills in activities of their choosing, demonstrating phenomenal task focused attention. I observed heart-warming and developmentally appropriate increases in mindfulness, self-efficacy, and individual empowerment in the participants.” Jayne Clark


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