SevGen’s Lift a Drifter program gets bought by Nambour State High School. We will be running a pilot program for the last 3 weeks of the final term. We are always looking for stories to share so if you would like to make a difference email us at

…a little excerpt from the proposal


Currently there is an issue of long term suspension and disengaged young people who have been excluded from school. During this period of exclusion there are very few opportunities for the young people to experience an alternative way and they re-enter the schooling system no better off than when they were excluded.  This sometimes results in compounded issues and the young person finds themselves expelled from the school. Too often a story of crime and recidivism develop alongside an experience of suspension and expulsion.

SevGen is an Indigenous corporation. Our mission is to change the way the world is spinning by simply surrendering to the universal law of attraction. Sevgen is an innovative initiative commended by the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland and spoken of by academics as a model for the world. We have developed a 3E model of Enterprise, Education and Entrepreneurship. Our methodologies and approaches are based on sound theory (eg: community led development and flow in education) and modelled on sound business and social enterprise principles and practice.


‘Lift a Drifter’ is a gateway that provides a therapeutic, positive and engaging space for individuals who find themselves on long term suspension or disengaging from the education system during the individuating stage of the middle years.

After an understanding of the Indigenous practise of turning your eyes inward, participants of Lift a Drifter will be taken through the practise of re-seeing and emerge with new awareness to understand their intelligence, know their potential, be motivated and feel unstoppable.




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