THE schooling environment proves to create stresses for many young people. Suspension data indicates that it is especially so for Indigenous students. Furthermore, a literature review around Disciplinary Absences concludes that suspension is not an effective behaivour management strategy and strong indication that it contributes to locking children out of education, the downward spiral into at risk social behaivours, and incarceration as young adults. LIFT a Drifter is SevGen’s positive solution focussed initiative that has been developed to alleviate the stresses and tension experienced by young people and families when a student is suspended from school. AS is our way of building our capacity for mission related activity we have prototyped “Lift a Drifter” offering the program over four terms for 43 youth and servicing seven local schools in the greater Sunshine Coast Region. WE are hoping to restart the program and connect it to the holiday activities of the Boomerang Bus providing great creative ideas to celebrate, validate and reinvigorate Indigenous Ways of Being.