When we first started (back in 2011) thinking of creative ways to finance the start-up of SevGen, crowdfunding was a fairly new scene.

In 2012 we submitted a project proposal to two crowdfunding platforms and we received an invitation to campaign on both Pozible and Start Some Good.

Sounds simple so far, right?! Well that was far from the truth our team was new to fundraising let alone a new platform called ‘crowdfunding’.

Stepping forward with our ‘be bold, be brave, believe’ mantra we began communicating with the support teams on both platforms. What we gathered was, it didn’t really matter which platform we launched on, the difference would be the build up we did prior to the campaign. So we began a crowdfunding campaign of focused yet paced planning.

Well 2 years on from the first thoughts on crowdfunding, creator Terri Waller received an email in August 2013 from Start Some Good who were doing a promotional drive. All campaigns launched and completed by 13th September were eligible to be in the running for a bonus $1000 from Start Some Good.

This made the decision for us as to which platform to go with. It also put a tough timeframe on our project but like they say pressure builds diamonds. Besides which the alignment was perfect…SevGen was hoping to get to the Social Marketplace, Start Some Good were calling out for projects, and the timing (if we pulled it off) coincided with the full moon.

By the time the formalities were sorted in the back end and the front end campaign was designed, we had 19 days to get to our $4000 tipping point goal.

It was focussed… It was deliberate… It was targeted… It was intense… It was wonderfully supported by our SevGen Journeymen, women and children… and it was a successful!!!

Thank you to everyone who put their energies into SevGen’s scaling movement: pledgers, promoters, well wishers, sharers, encouragers, followers, crazy I don’t know why but what the heckers!

And for our pledgers another big thankyou to…

  • Terrence Trudgett
  • Naomi Granger
  • Janelle Cole
  • Meg Kuhl
  • Linda Temple
  • Maryanne Williams
  • Naomi Wiley
  • Christina Henderson
  • Bridgitte Waller
  • Laurin Waller
  • Luke Paten
  • Will Harbers
  • Trish Laforty
  • Bart Stanford
  • Nicole Copley
  • Sonya Flett
  • Ludmila and Michael Doneman
  • Marijah Westacott
  • Vickie Stewart
  • Mikaela Griffiths
  • Ruth Mirams
  • Tim Robson
  • Luke Ingham
  • Jenai Hook
  • Adrian Dudek
  • Sarah Ryan-Charles
  • Georgia Pearson
  • Berniece Ryan-Charles
  • Alexis Shuttlewood
  • Colleen Ryan
  • Jackie Soutar
  • Gina Pearson
  • Vickie Scott
  • Naomi Magowan
  • Alea Williams
  • Debbie Clarke
  • Penny Cullen
  • Kelly Inglis
  • Michael Date
  • Kelly Briese
  • Stella Janouris
  • Loretta Dale
  • Jay Omar
  • Phil Winzer
  • Wayne Dodson
  • Jack Tucker
  • Catherine MacAdam
  • Joolie Gibbs
  • Greg and Linda Windsor
  • Elizabeth Roberts
  • Malcolm and Vesna Tratensak-Contor
  • Bob Good
  • Sheree Floyd
  • Christy Harris
  • Ryan Waller
  • Lorraine Minto
  • Shaun Hill
  • Retta Vineli
  • Kate McAlister

It is now up to us to bring SevGen to life at the Social Marketplace and make the most of this opportunity and learning space. We know that when magic like our 19day crowdfunding comes together exciting things are sure to emerge. We can’t wait and will keep you all updated on what we learn.