If dirt bike riding is something you are passionate about then keep your eye on Nambour Motorcross.

NMX is the Nambour Motocross Project. It runs on the Philosophy that:

“The only thing we ever truly own in this world, is the space we’re standing In. If we can be Responsible for that, the rest will fall into place”.
The Project is run through SevGen, and is aligned with the value of the organisation. NMX particularly takes into account SevGen’s perspective that, based on indigenous ecological ways of being, “expects every human deliberation to consider the impacts of their actions…”
Here at NMX we value dirt biking, fun and getting out into the great outdoors, but we have a strong underlying ethical approach to safety of self, others, property and environment, as well as respect for the consequences of our actions.
Nambour Motocross Project (NMP) aims to provide recreational activities to youth aged between 13-18 years of age. The project will also create a healthy, secure environment wherein a person can access the legal use of dirt-bikes safely, belong to a club, receive training, education, support and mentoring. Participants will also be able to socialise with other youth in a similar demographic. The project also aims to foster a sense of belonging and ownership in the participant. In the beginning of the project we will be looking at working with people within this age bracket, due to the fact that other equipment would need to be purchased for those younger or older, however age will not necessarily be restricted, as use of that equipment will also be determined by weight and ability.
The project also aims to foster community and business alliances. In the first instance activities will take place at the Coolum Motocross Track, an existing motocross facility and a well-established and reputable Sunshine Coast sporting club that is affiliated with MQLD. It is also our aim to build partnerships and collaboration with existing services in our community, as a pose to ‘overlapping’ and ‘duplicating’ them. We welcome any input that you may have.
NMX nurtures our relationship with SevGen (and other indigenous and non-indigenous organisations) and takes very seriously, our capacity to validate our community’s movement towards Reconciliation and imbedding Indigenous Perspective in all ways of learning and being. This is the act of acknowledging our Traditional Custodians, both past and present, and honouring the space in which we reside, which we sincerely pay our respects too.