Pinken is language for sea Turtle. It is the Sea Turtle dreamtime story that Ryan uses to engender a sense of safety for you in the ocean at Pinken Surf while you ride a board along the waves feeling the natural energy of the ocean. During the program you will also be made aware of the healing powers of the ocean as Ryan incorporates water therapy knowledge into the experience. You will feel the salt-water dissolve away all of your stress and leave feeling completely rejuvenated.

Ryan is a saltwaterman with Sea Turtle Dreaming. He lives in the northern beach town of Peregian in Gubbi Gubbi country (Sunshine Coast) where he works as a surf coach and lifeguard along the northern beaches between Mudjimba and Noosa.

SevGen is thrilled to be incubating this initiative and we will be using Pinken Surf in our Modern Songlines project in a big way.