What an amazing two days!

30 Social Enterprises all here to hone our investor pitching skill and test our readiness. We set our table up on Sunday evening and even then the vibe was friendly and exciting.

I slept well that night and woke up bright and early Monday morning wanting to get there at 7:30am for last minute touch ups and to meet the Southern SevGen contingent. Ruth and Mik from Paramodic arrived and as they entered through the front doors I knew they meant business. The room was electric.

Sustainance to sustain Ruth for the tough day

Game on at 8:30 sharp and we headed into the main conference room for the game rules and to get us all pumped.

By lunch time SevGen was blitzing the field as we hit 2nd place. By the close of day one we held 3rd position. Such dizzy heights scores us an interview for ABC radio.

We weren’t getting ahead of ourselves because the investors were keeping their $$$ close to their chest. Day two would be the leveller.

SevGen hits 2nd place (RHS, 6 down)

Back at our room that evening I couldn’t have done anymore even if I wanted too. We were pooped. A 4:30am start for Ruth and Mik and a crazy week of SevGen development and Marketplace prep for me.¬† Still, we diligently debriefed the investor pitching we had done that day and tightened up the weak spots in readiness for tomorrow. Feeling that we were ready, and with high fives all round, we settled down for the night. Drifting off into slumber I reflected on the day and imagined how I would show up even stronger for day 2.

I wish we had a photo. Flanked by two flaming red beauties we stride in through the front door again. Charlies Angels eat your heart out…¬†Well that was how I saw it anyway.

The day was a flurry of pitching and yarning and pitching and yarning. A wonderful blend of relationships and business. SevGen doubled our balance and it was revealed at stumps that we had had $56 000 invested in us. Not only was that wonderfully affirming but we have many possibilites to follow up on and have made some very nice friendships. Wow what an intense time, a picture says a thousand words.

Social Marketplace Event convenor Sandy Blackburn Wright and SevGen Creator and Managing Director Terri Waller celebrate the success of the Social Marketplace 2013