In a word- AWESOME!
We had 63 attendees which was a great number for a prototype event.
Here are a few comments picked randomly. Thankyou everyone for your survey responses and the contributions from all on the day.

“Energising and yet peaceful and flowing at the same time. Deeply rewarding, reflective and yet simple and easy. Effortless and yet stimulating. Inspiring.”

“It filled my heart with joy to witness the effortless interaction, acceptance, and inclusion from the teenage kids/young adults with the younger ones. It was the same with every generation of course, bit it really stood out to me with the young adults as it is something that unfortunately I don’t witness everyday in the general community ( particularly schooling institutes)”

“I had a great day, it was like being with family, totally safe and relaxed and for me personally that is where I do my best learning and teaching when I have the space to be self expressed and impart my knowledge in an authentic way.”

“The planning, the detail and thoughtfulness of the offering, the caring, the invitation into a different space, the visioning, the making it happening, the energy, the hospitality, I could go on….!”

Aunty Olive
Listening to Elder Aunty Olive


Sharing knowledge


Reciprocal, Relationship and Location based model of learning


2 x SevGen SEECCERs


Each conversation a learning opportunity
Each encounter or conversation a learning opportunity


Supporting a family’s vision of learning


Share, Care and Dare with Flare!


Natural desire for learning is contagious


Fun and Meaningful
Fun and Meaningful


I'm in control
I’m in control


Act of Passion Educator
‘Act of Passion’ Educator


SevGen Council Elder Lyndon Davis shares and cares
SevGen Council Elder Lyndon Davis ‘Shares and Cares’