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An excerpt from EHF

Extra Hand Fundraising is relatively new on the scene but has over 24 years experience in Non-Profit, Charity and Humanitarian Fundraising, with the last eight years being direct experience with the Salvation Army and The Australian Red Cross.

The work Charity and Humanitarian Organisations do in our community is amazing and without them, our community as we know it, would cease to function. These Non-Profit Organisations/Charities provide services to the community daily without adequate financial support or resources.
Some industry experts estimate the average cost of long term fundraising for Charities is as high as 35% of the fundraising revenue raised during the activity. In some cases these Charities do not experience any positive cash flow from a fundraising campaign for 6 to 18 months after fundraising campaign commencement.
These Charities then have to commit staff and resources on an ongoing basis to maintain and build their newly acquired donor base to ensure long term income to support their valuable contribution to the community.