As we first began thinking about creative ways to take SevGen forward crowdfunding was a very new scene. That was back in 2011.

We got approvals to submit from 2 platforms Pozible and Start Some Good.

We decided to go with the Start Some Good platform that was more targeted to social impact projects.

Never one to miss an opportunity Creator and Director Terri Waller heard about a campaign drive that could attract a further $1000 from the organisers of Start Some Good and set her sites on this opportunity.

The only catch was we had a very short time to get the campaign launched and closed by Saturday 14th September at 11:00am.

By the time all the ducks were lined up we launched our ‘Get SevGen to the Social Marketplace Event’ crowdfunding campaign on Monday 26th August leaving us with a very quick 19 days to reach a tipping point of $4000.

Pressure builds Diamonds and the good news is we are “shining bright like a diamond” exceeding our tipping point by $78 and closing with $4078


A message from the organisers…

Hi Terri,
Congratulations! That was a huge effort by you and your team. I am very happy for you.

Thanks to all who put your energies into SevGen’s scaling movement: pledgers, promoters, well wishers, sharers, encouragers, followers, crazy I don’t know why but what the heckers!
Now to get creative with the Social Marketplace project!