We have had many conversations to share the SevGen ambition and let all and sundry know what is developing and what we have to offer.

Partnerships, Investors, Donors, Visitors, Customers, Onlookers, Critics. All are welcome.

Council of Elders: Terri Waller; David Waller; Jeremy Donovan; Lyndon Davis; Jenny Blagdon; Nicole Copley; Brian Hegarty

Mastermind Group: Kevin Cocks; Ernesto Sirolli; Steve Green; Matt Perry; Christine Jones; Jenny Blagdon; Selina Hunter and other anonimous individuals.

Supporting Government, Non-Government, Corporate and community Organisations:

Anti Discrimination Commission Queensland; University of the Sunshine Coast; Central Queensland University; Ernesto Sirolli Sirolli Institute; Nambour Community Centre; Integrated Family and Youth Service; Briese Botanicals; Westpac Nambour; Team Teach Asia Pacific; London’s Tiles and Wood Fitters Limited; Cages Foundation; Mary McKillop Foundation;
Amazing Database of Journey-men, Journey-women and Journey-kids: currently 165 individuals registered