A few sit downs to have while I am here in Canberra to grow the awareness of SevGen. Two outstanding ones have attracted us some more Journeypeople. Now we wait for the energetic connections that follow from the connections and ready ourselves to make the most of it!

A great yarn with Director of Inspire Professor Robert Fitzgerald has firmed up a connection that was started last month. He is interested in the SevGen model, methodologies and phronesis as well as in the difference we are going to make in the world!

with Robert Fitzgerald






No visit to the University of Canberra would be complete without a proper visit to the Ngunnawal Centre with Mikaela Griffiths and Ruth Mirams of Paramodic and a yarn with Director of the Centre Peter Radoll.

Peter Radoll and Ruth Mirams

with Peter Radoll and Mikaela Griffiths